Press Kit

Record3D is an unique iOS app that lets you record 3D Videos with sound, view them in AR (and non-AR), export them into sequence of PLY files or glTF animation (Hand animation @10FPS, Hand animation @30FPS — careful, resource intensive). For digital artists and developers, there is live streaming of 3D Videos (Point Clouds) into computer via USB cable! You need an iPhone or iPad with FaceID (the selfie TrueDepth camera) to run Record3D.

There are two versions you can buy (you get 3 3D Videos for free to try the app):

  • Basic Version — allows you to record 3D Videos and stream Point Clouds via USB (of course, exporting and previewing your 3D Videos in AR and non-AR viewers is included).
  • Full Version — gives you access to all features of the Basic Version and unlocks changing of Colormaps (there are 8 Colormaps to choose from) and enables the True3D effect! This version will include more exclusive features in future updates!
Non-AR Viewer
AR Viewer

Parallax View, this effect makes your iPhone or iPad into a window through which you can see into the 3D world where your scan lives! The effect is more mesmerizing when having your video paused.


By default, you see only white preview in the live camera stream. With Colormaps, the image is colorized based on the depth of objects in your scene. Think heatmap-like colorization! You can choose from 8 different Colormaps.

If you have any question, just drop me an email at :).