Record3D Privacy Policy

By downloading and using the Record3D application you agree to this privacy policy, if you do not agree with this privacy policy, please do not download or use the Record3D application.

This application uses the TrueDepth API to obtain depthmaps and RGB frames (from the front-facing TrueDepth camera) that are used to record 3D Videos and for streaming of RGBD videos via USB cable. Face recognition is used to obtain position of head in order to create optical illusion called True3D (parallax effect), which can be activated by pressing the "3D" button in the vertical toolbar of 3D Video player. Moreover, Microphone can be used to record sound for 3D videos. You can disable access to the Microphone in iOS Settings app > Record3D if you don't wish to record 3D Videos with sound.

All data (i.e. recorded 3D Videos) are stored only on your device and do not leave it. You have full control over all of your data — you can view and permanently delete them.

The application does not track you in any way, does not collect data to any servers and does not use any advertising. The application does not include/implement any analytics. This means it does not use the Internet connection to send any data, except when loading information about in-app purchases (IAPs), buying IAPs and restoring IAPs (and therefore definitely does not work with any of your personal information and cannot identify you (there is no reason to do so) — no tracking is involved).

No third parties are involved. You own your data and they are shared with no third party.